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MP-MPICH - MPI for heterogeneous Clusters

MP-MPICH stands for Multi-Platform MPICH. It is a modification and extension to the MPICH distribution (current release 1.5.0).

Please Note: The MP-MPICH project is finished and the software is no longer being maintained. While you can still download the source code, we do no longer provide support in any way.

We have created quite a number of WWW pages related to MP-MPICH. Based on your interests, you may look at the pages for the several parts of MP-MPICH:

A Grid-enabled MPI Library for Meta-Computing on Heterogeneous Coupled Clusters.

The adaption of MPICH to the fast SCI interconnect, running on Linux/UNIX and Windows.

The Windows NT part of MP-MPICH which is quite different from the NT-port of MPICH by ANL.

A platform independent cluster manager for heterogeneous hierarchical computing environments.